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Going forward in this soon to be post Janus era, Local 2627 needs to change in order to remain the key defender of New York City IT Workers rights.


My plan is to make Local 2627 Lean and Mean, by utilizing the latest technologies available to enhance the services that are provided to our members. 

As a devoted mother of four adult children, whom I worked tirelessly to put all four though college with little to no assistance, I will bring that same devotion and tenacity as your next  President.  

As a career civil servant for over 18 years and 26 years in Information Technology, I gracefully maintained competence as a Permanent Computer Specialist Software since 2004. 


It is the members of Local 2627 that make New York work.  If our members do not show up to work, NOTHING would work! We make New York WORK! 

Local 2627 members are in every agency in the City of New York.  Local 2627 is the most important local in DC37! 

My Presidency will be transparent, open, and inclusive to all.  I believe in a gentle but firm touch in handling Local 2627 members and their issues. 

As your President, I will work tirelessly to promote an agenda that benefits the members first and foremost. 

I know how to get things DONE! 

In Solidarity, 

Laura Morand 


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